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    About trust
  • Inconsistent messages scattered in all directions fail to build trust in important audiences.
  • Messages misunderstood make communication ineffective or even counterproductive.
  • Then it becomes harder to reach goals.

    Why use Statements?
  • A good Statement is quoted. It is repeated. It convinces. It builds recognition. So goals are reached faster with Statements.
  • A good Statement works far better than a thousand words. What normally takes fifteen minutes to explain, a Statement can convey in a few seconds.
  • Goal-directed communication. When a Statement creates a desired effect on a target audience, the Statement helps achieve your goal.
  • With StatementBank, spokespersons, leaders and others will tell one story, not different ones.

    Why use StatementBank?
    1. To collect and keep track of the organization’s Statements
  • To collect an organization’s Statements is important in itself.
  • Get an overview of what the organization’s most important Statements are.
  • Get an overview of the organizations’s current messages on various issues.
  • Get an overview of the organization’s current messages for various target audiences.
  • Organize Statements easily.
  • Retrieve Issue Statements easily.
  • Retrieve Statements for a target audience easily.

    2. To share Statements and Q&As
  • StatementBank was created to share Statements with others.
  • You make your Approved Statements available for the whole organization or only to those you grant access.
  • If you work with confidential issues, you can limit who has access to them.
  • When a spokesperson is unavailable, you can easily access the current “Holding Statements” on the issue in question.

    3. To aid communication in emergencies
  • StatementBank is easy to update in emergencies.
  • Many people can work at the same time in the same Q&A. In this way the Q&A is finished sooner. And you avoid the bottleneck of only one person working with the Q&A.
  • The same Statement used on several issues changes everywhere with a keystroke.
  • Updating in real time.
  • People who log in see the real-time version and not a Word-document which is not updated.
  • So, no need to dispatch new versions of Q&A for every small change made in an ongoing crisis situation.
  • It only takes a few seconds to retrieve a complete Q&A in Word.
  • You can access everything from your cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, staff at the accident site or on the road have access from their cell phones.

    4. To create Q&As
  • StatementBank is an electronic tool for creating Q&As and streamlines the Q&A process.
  • The same Statement used on several issues changes everywhere with a keystroke.
  • It takes only a few seconds to retrieve a complete Q&A in Word.
  • Questions and answers can easily be copied from one Q&A to another Q&A.
  • Useful when many questions and answers are repeats, such as quarterly presentations.

    5. To memorize Statements (quickly)
  • StatementBank has two features for memorizing Statements. Both features activate several areas of the brain.
  • This makes it possible to memorize the Statements much faster than with paper prints, which activate far fewer areas in the brain.
  • The features are used a lot by spokespeople and others who speak to the media.
  • The features can also be used before important meetings, debates, trials, and more.
  • The features can also be used to train employees at customer service centers. Allow you to enter critical questions which staff must answer correctly. The teaching function can be used as soon as the Q&A is initiated.
  • The point is to learn the Statements so well that they are internalized and come across as 100% natural.

    6. To facilitate processes
  • StatementBank can be used as a processing tool when clarifying the organization’s message.
  • A positive effect of such a process is that it “forces” the organization to clarify precisely what it stands for in different areas. There is no room for wooly wording and ambiguity when Statements are formulated.

    7. To prepare presentations
  • StatementBank makes it easy for you to prepare presentations.
  • Just click on a topic and print the notes and Statements for the appropriate topic.

  • You can access everything from your cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Easy to switch languages.
  • All languages (including Chinese) are available.
  • Contact us regarding multilingual versions.

    What is a Statement? How is a Statement defined?
  • Definition 1: Expression which is short enough to be easily remembered.
  • Definition 2: Is captivating and interesting enough to be quoted.
  • Definition 3: Expression which explains something complicated with few words.
  • Definition 4: Expression which is made to modify or create a new perception in a target audience in order to reach a concrete goal.

    Can’t I do all this in Word?
    In Word, you have a large number of documents where each document must be opened in order to find what you are looking for.
  • In StatementBank, everything is in one place and everything is searchable.

    In Word, if you change a Statement you must change it many times in every document.
  • In StatementBank, a Statement is changed in absolutely all of the documents with just one keystroke.

    In Word, only one person at a time can update the document. For others, the document is closed for changes.
  • In StatementBank, an unlimited number of people can work simultaneously, even in the same Q&A.

    In Word, it is very complicated to sort Statements.
  • In StatementBank, it is simple to retrieve Statements for a target audience.
  • In StatementBank, it is simple to retrieve Statements on an issue.
  • In StatementBank, it is simple to retrieve Statements by importance or priority.
  • In StatementBank, the same Statement can be connected with different questions, target groups and topics.

    In Word, it is difficult to find Statements for the right target audience, issue or topic.
  • I StatementBank, they are easy to find. Just click on the target audience, issue or topic.

    In Word, the document is either open for everyone to see or password protected.
  • In StatementBank, there are multiple levels of confidentiality.
  • In that way, confidential matters are kept confidential.

    In Word, there are no features for memorizing the Statements.
  • In StatementBank, there are two features for memorizing the Statements.
  • Both features activate areas of the brain which make it possible to memorize the Statements faster.

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